1330 Gladys

1330 Gladys Avenue Long Beach, CA 90804

  • Artist Co-op
  • 9 Artist Studios
  • 5,000 square feet
  • New Construction
  • Large roll-up door for access
  • Full kitchen and bathroom with shower
  • Complete sprinkler system throughout
  • Zoned for light-industrial
  • Property inside city Enterprise Zone

Modern Workspaces, Spacious Warehouse, Industrial Elements, Revitalized Creative Area


Centered in Long Beach's Design District, near Anaheim and Redondo Avenue, this 5,000 square foot Artist Co-op brings together creatives from and within different medium. The goal was to take a large, open warehouse and convert it into individual artist studios, one that would give a group of artists a way to productively work in a shared creative environment. This allows artists to get to know each other, their work, share resources and collectively put on shows and exhibits within the shared gallery space.

There are currently 9 individual artist studios ranging in size from 250 square feet up to 550 square feet each. Outside of each private studio, the artist is able to make use of shared amenities such as full kitchen, full bathroom with shower, deep sink, large front and side roll-up doors and of course the 1,000+ square foot communal gallery space.

At current, all of the 9 spaces already have artist-tenants. As spaces may come available, we're looking for any type of artist or general creative, whether you're a painter, sculptor, screen printer, photographer, bicycle builder, etc. Each studio comes with clean, white walls, electrical outlets and a locking door. Rent is typically on 3-month intervals with deposit being 1 month's rent. Prices range from $410 per month for the smallest studio up to $725 per month for the largest studios. This monthly rent fee covers everything to include trash, water, recycling, maintenance, wireless internet and utilities.

The following list outlines individual pricing more clearly:
Studio One: not available
Studio Two: not available
Studio Three: not available
Studio Four: not available
Studio Five: not available
Studio Six: not available
Studio Seven: not available
Studio Eight: not available
Studio Nine: not available
To inquire availability, send digital correspondence to jessedean -at- gmail dot com.